Goldenvinyl 5000® Awning

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Welcome to the Goldenvinyl® 5000 Series Awning Section. An awning window works similar to a casement window; the difference being that te window's sash extends from the bottom outward instead of from the side.  The top hinging feature is way to provide ventilation during unpredictable weather.
For more information about options and accessories, sizing, performance data and professional information for the Goldenvinyl® Awning, see the tab chart below.

Standard Exterior Colours

 Golden White 


       Taupe       Golden Sable        Black

Optional Exterior Colours

      Green          Cranberry     Tavern Green     Cashmere         Wicker           Tile Red 

    Burgundy      Sandalwood         Clay                Buff         Old World Blue  Wedgewood

    Ivy Green       Backwood      Leaf Green   Amazon Green Forest Green        Grey 

        Sable             White      Universal Brown       Bronze       Silver Metallic

     Copper            Almond

Custom Colours are also available.

Individual computer and monitor settings may prevent the exact matches of colour finish. 
Please contact Golden Windows for exact colour and finish samples.

Glass Options

Glass Types
    Low E with Argon                          Grey                                  Bronze                              

Glass Spacers
          Intercept®                           Superspacer®

Warm Edge Technology

Golden windows use only Warm Edge Technology (W.E.T) spacers in their windows.
Warm Edge Technology is a generic term for any spacer bar or system that has better thermal performance than a highly conductive aluminum spacer bar. The two W.E.T spacers that Golden Windows uses are the tin Intercept spacer and the Edgetech Superspacer. 
The intercept spacer is a tin bar that is coated with butyl and holds panes of glass apart in a window. The butyl is used to keep the bar from touching the glass so its conductive properties are reduced. The butyl is also a vital component in keeping the Argon gas that is in the windows in the window.
The Superspacer helps to deliver windows of the highest standards. Superspacer is a non-metal structural foam spacer system that holds panes of glass apart in a window.
Superspacer has excellent resistance to nitrogen and argon gas absorption and it has high UV resistance. It has 100% memory meaning it will return to its original shape allowing for expansion and contraction, which is a major cause of stress fractures in conventional sealed units.

Decorative Glass Options

             Obscure                           Glue Chip                                Rain

Grille (Optional)

Grille Patterns

       Colonial              Muskoka             Victorian           2" Horizontal            Custom

Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

   5/16" Narrow Pewter        5/16" Narrow Brass          5/8" Standard Flat              3/4" Georgian

5/8" Standard Flat & 3/4" Georgian available in:

 Golden White       Taupe       Golden Sable       Almond    

Split finish also available in 5/8" Standard Flat & 3/4" Georgian.

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

       1" Exterior SDL               1" White Interior SDL

1" Exterior SDL available in:

 Golden White       Taupe       Golden Sable       Almond            

Hardware Options

     White (Standard)               

Optional Accessories

Exterior Brick Mould

   Flanged Brick Mould        Standard Brick Mould         
Installation Accessories
          Masonary Clip                 Installation Bracket


Standard Elevations

-Custom Sizes are available.
-Awning windows with a width greater than 1200mm(47 1/4") cannot have a window mulled on top of it.
-Awning windows with a height greater than 800mm(31 1/2") may experience chatter upon closing the sash due to 22" hinge limitations.
 Goldenvinyl 5000 Series Awning Window Standard Elevation

Golden Window Products are manufactured and pre-assembled to conform to
AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440-08, “NAFS - North American Fenestration Standard /
Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights” and CSA A440S1-09, “Canadian
Supplement to AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440-08, NAFS - North American Fenestration
Standard / Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights” and the applicable
requirements of the 2012 Ontario Building Code.

5000 Series Operating Awning Window 
Class CW-PG55: Size tested 800 x 1600 mm (32 x 63)-Type C
Positive Design Pressure = 2640 Pa (55 psf)
Negative Design Pressure = -2640 Pa (-55 psf)
Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure = 730 Pa (15 psf)
Canadian Air Inltration/Exltration = A3 Level (0.227/0.384m³/h/m)

5000 Series Fixed Awning Window 
Class CW-PG85: Size tested 1500 x 1500 mm (59 x 59)-Type FW
Positive Design Pressure = 4080 Pa (85 psf)
Negative Design Pressure = -4080 Pa (-85 psf)
Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure = 730 Pa (15 psf)
Canadian Air Inltration/Exltration = Fixed Level (0.030/0.030m³/h/m)

Appropriate selection of Golden Window’s windows, doors, and accessories which conform to all applicable laws, ordinances, building codes and safety requirements is the sole responsibility of the architect, building owner and/or contractor. All risks related to building design and construction, maintenance, or the installation and use of Golden Windows Limited products shall be assumed by Buyer and/or User.

Vertical Section

                    Operating                                                        Fixed


Horizontal Section



Drawings are not to scale.

Goldenvinyl 5000 Series Awning Cross Sections